Jon Fadri Huder

Jon Fadri Huder

Kiwanis Club St. Moritz/Oberengadin

District: Schweiz/Liechtenstein

joining KIWANIS 1997



Born 06.06.1966, married to Gabriela, one daughter (Flavia) and one son (Nico)

Education: economist

Languages: German, Italian, English, French and Rumauntsch J


After being club secretary (2000) I served as club president (2005) as Lt. Governor (2011) and as Governor (2016) – during this period I served also as the 7th EC-Board member. This year I’m proud to be the Chair Formula in Europe.

I would be extremely pleased to assume the role of Vice President and am confident and motivated that together we could bring about changes in Europe during my potential term. My role as the Governor of the largest KI-EF district has taught me a lot and I have realised that one can achieve much with lots of passion, motivation and a happy disposition. With this positive outlook, I would like to make my own personal contribution. After all, a person who is content in themselves is more likely to show a willingness to show commitment according to KIWANI’s motto “serving the children”.

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